What is a Traffic Offence?

A traffic offence is any offence committed in a vehicle and given to you by the Victorian Police. Offences include speeding, drink driving, driving while suspended or disobeying road rules.

What happens if I commit a Traffic Offence?

You will be issued a notice by the police which may have a number of different requirements. Depending on the severity of the act involved, you may be arrested, you may be issued with a Summons to appear in court or you may be issued with an administrative letter requiring you to pay a fine.

Will I have a criminal record?

Traffic offences are criminal offences and can result in you having a criminal record. Minor offences which are dealt with administratively will not attract a criminal conviction, although drink driving offences and excessive speeding offences may result in a criminal record.

Other traffic matters

If you have any other questions on traffic matters you should seek expert legal advice for your individual circumstances. This consult will allow you to know where you stand and whether you have any defences available to you.

What is a Will?

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