We believe we have reached an agreement and wish to formalise the agreement so it is final and binding. What do we do now?

Your will need to have either a Financial Agreement or Consent Orders prepared. Both are written agreements which state all financial settlement details including what happens with all of your property including real estate, vehicles, chattels, superannuation and so forth, as well as spousal maintenance arrangements. Consent Orders are approved by the Court. Financial Agreements[…]

We can’t agree. What now?

You will first need try to resolve the matter through your solicitors or mediation. If an agreement still cannot be reached, you will need to apply to the Court for Financial Orders. To determine its decision, the Court takes into account facts such as current financial position, past contributions to the relationship both financially and[…]

What happens to the family home? Who can live there?

Usually an agreement can be made as to who is to live in the family home (especially when children live there as well) until final orders are made. However if an agreement cannot be reached you may have to make an application to the court.