Separation / pre-separation advice

Clients considering a separation are often concerned about their relationship and will consult us for separation and Family Law advice.

Separation is a difficult time for all involved. There are many things to consider and our aim is to provide you with timely and accurate information and knowledge so you can make the best decision for your situation. Typically, the matters you’ll need to consider include:

  1. Where will your children live after separation?
  2. Will you need to pay child support? If so, how much?
  3. What will happen with your assets and property?

At DCM Lawyers we regularly provide expert advice to help our clients understand the legal effects of separation, including:

  • Strategies to minimise the impact of the separation on children;
  • How to best implement and pursue effective short-term parenting arrangements;
  • The range of outcomes for where the children might live;
  • What child support or spousal maintenance might be payable;
  • What the ultimate result might be for your property and assets.
  • Strategies for dealing with businesses, companies, trust assets.
  • How to track down hidden assets and property;
  • How to protect assets and property;
  • How one party’s inheritance might factor into your property settlement;
  • How to avoid ending up in Court.

If you are thinking of separating, then you need to know how the Family Law system works. You will leave your first appointment with DCM Lawyers knowing where you stand and with a complete understanding of divorce law in Australia.

If you have already separated, then it is important to obtain family law advice quickly so that you are empowered to take the next step. Seeing an experienced Family Lawyer in Melbourne can give you the knowledge and empowerment you need to take the next step.

DCM Lawyers will give you practical, cost-effective and timely advice and start on the path to moving forward with your life.


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